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Michigan PGA Fall Meeting &
Education Seminar

Fall Meeting

Sponsored by Ace Indoor Golf & PGA National Resort & Spa

  Monday, October 25, 2021

Time:  8:30am–Noon

Location:  Eagle Eye Golf Club

Credits:  Four (4) MSR

Lunch will be served from 12pm-1pm for those that attend the seminar


New Business
Old Business

Pre-registration is required

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Officer Elections

Nominations are currently being accepted for an officer position. Candidates nominated and seconded thirty (30) days prior to the October 25th Fall Meeting will be included on the ballot. Candidates nominated and seconded after this date will still be allowed to run but not be included on the ballot.

To date, the following nominations and seconds have been received:

Office of President
Dean Kolstad, PGA

Office of Vice President
Stephanie Jennings, PGA

Office of Secretary
Dan Urban, PGA
Randy White, PGA

Per the Officer Election guidelines, each Secretary candidate is allowed to submit a letter to the membership. Click on their name above to read their letter.

Click here to read the nomination and election procedures.

Chapter/Senior Org/Committee Reports

Senior Organization
Career Services
Growth of the Game
Patriot Golf
Special Awards

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Ace Indoor GolfPGA National Resort & Spa







Education Seminar

Sponsored by Pepsi

  Monday, October 25, 2021

Time:  1:00pm–4:30pm

Location:  Eagle Eye Golf Club

Cost:  TBD (includes lunch)

Credits:  Four (4) MSR

Title: “Life & Lessons On & Off the Course with Gary Wiren, PhD”
75 years of golf excellence in teaching, speaking, writing & playing

This presentation will be focused on examples of how we can take a close look at ourselves and make improvements in our personal performance. The result will be a better PGA Professional to help guide the game.

  • Teaching…my way or your way
  • Stories…that motivate and entertain
  • The Greatest of the Greats
  • Playing the game…why and how
  • Let’s make a difference

Gary Wiren, PhD Bio

Pre-registration is required

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Spring/Fall Meeting Minutes

Listed below are the membership approved Michigan PGA Spring and Fall Membership Meetings for the last five years.