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PGA Jr. League

About PGA Jr. League

PGA Jr. League is a fun, social, game-changing opportuity for boys and girls ages 17 & under to learn and play the game of golf. This program brings families and friends together around a team format with expert coaching from PGA and LPGA Professionals.

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Looking for ways to get your children excited about PGA Jr. League? Watch PGA Jr. Leagues first ever animated video explaining the format to kids!

Watch Carlos Finds His Game from PGA of America on Vimeo.

“I think it’s great to see the player’s and parent’s enthusiasm and support for the entire team and not just for their own individual success. You definitely get a family feel when parents are encouraging and cheering for all of the players.”
– Bill Mory, PGA

PGA Family Cup, Logo

PGA Family Cup is designed to bring families together in a way that strengthens relationships, creates lifelong golfers and builds vibrant communities at the golf course.

This event is open to PGA Members and their families and any Family in our Michigan Community!

A “Family” is defined however YOU see fit, meaning your team can have parents, aunts, uncles, grandparent, family friends, pick the people you would want to enjoy a round of golf with!

2020 PGA Family Cup


MILTON, MA - JUNE 8: Families participate in the PGA Family Cup at Wollaston Golf Club


Register Your Family

Where: Spring Meadows Country Club

When: September 12, 2020 1:30pm Shotgun

Cost: $140 per team. (Includes 1 cart, 2 meal tickets and the entire team’s greens fees, additional carts and meal tickets can be purchased on site)

Entry Deadline: September 1, 2020

Teams: Your family will need to have one junior 17 or under and one adult 18 or older playing at all times. You can have 2-6 players per team. Every three holes your family will have the opportunity to switch out players, you can switch one, two or no players, just remember one junior and one adult must be playing at all times!

Format: We will not have age divisions, but we do have two separate contests

  • Scramble: Both team members play a ball and select the best shot, each plays from the selected location and continue this way until a ball is holed
  • Pinehurst: Both team members hit drives and select the best shot, they then play alternate shot from the selected location until the ball is holed

Course Set-Up:

Scramble Course Set up Par 3’s & 4’s only:

  • Par 3 yardages (75-150 yds per hole)
  • Par 4 yardages (160-300 yds per hole)
  • All team members play from one tee
  • Standard stroke play scoring

Pinehurst Course Set Up:

  • Recommended junior 18-hole yardage
  • Girls 10-14 and Boys 10-13 (max yardage of 2900)
  • Girls 15-17 and Boys 14-17 (max yardage of 3100)
  • Recommended adult 18-hole yardages
  • Adult will play the same teeing area as the oldest junior on their team
  • Standard stroke play scoring



Can’t Make September 12th? Click here to find all of the Family Cup Sites

Download the PGA Family Cup Flyer

Contact Chelsea Guoynes at the Section office with any questions!

PGA Jr. League State Championship Winner

Congratulations to our 2019 PGA Jr. League State Champions, It’s a Par-Tee, captained by Matt Swan!

The 2020 Post Season has been canceled. We look forward to a great event in 2021

State Championship Qualifier – Stroke Play Notice to Players
Walking Scorer Guidelines
Spectator Guidelines
Lanyard Template

Food & Beverage: Players and Captains/Coaches will be provided lunch at no charge. All spectators may purchase lunch for the fee of $10 per person.

Spectator Golf Carts: Spectator Golf Carts will be available on a first come, first serve basis and may be purchased in the golf shop for $15 per cart.

Range Ball Fees: There is no charge for range balls for the participants.

Tees & Yardages: You may review the notice to players to discover the approximate tees and yardages for each hole of the competition.

Family Fun Zone

Captains & Coaches, we will be setting up a Family Fun Zone for your juniors and families to participate in after their round. We encourage all of you to stay and enjoy a fun team bonding experience. We want to make this day about more than just golf and help kids create memories that will last a lifetime. Below is the list of Family Fun Zone activities we will have onsite:

  • Water balloon fight/toss
  • Pie your coach/teammate in the face stations (willing participants only)
  • Remote control car races
  • Make your own golf club with pool noodles, and play golf on a pool noodle course
  • Putt, putt tic-tac-toe station
  • 3-legged race
  • Water Hazard Challenge (picture below)
  • Ice cream!
  • Other fun activities!!

Kid playing Water balloon fight/toss

State Championship Finals

State Championship – Match Play Notice to Players
Walking Scorer Guidelines
Spectator Guidelines

Morning Shotgun Start: The two semi-final matches will begin with a shotgun start for all 4 teams at 9:00am.

Afternoon Shotgun Start: The Finals and the Consolation Matches will begin with a shotgun start for all 4 teams at 1:00pm.

Awards: There will be an awards ceremony immediately following the afternoon matches.

Food & Beverage: Players and Captains/Coaches will be provided lunch at no charge between the morning and afternoon matches. All spectators may purchase lunch for the fee of $10 per person.

Spectator Golf Carts: Spectator Golf Carts will be available on a first come, first serve basis and may be purchased in the golf shop for $15 per cart for the entire day.

Range Ball Fees: there is no charge for range balls for the participants.

17U Division

Any 17U Division team within the state is invited to your State Championship Qualifier! Celebrate an awesome season by joining us at the State Championship!

West Side Qualifier- August 4th at Sunnybrook Country Club

East Side Qualifier- August 11th at The Orchards Golf Club

Stephen Curry holding up a sign

17U Information

In-House Leagues

Competitive vs. Recreational Leagues

How Leagues Are Formed

Practice Matches Before Game Day

Using the SportsEngine App

Communicating With Parents as a Captain

Parent Guidelines For PGA Jr. League

Preparing For the League Conference Call

Fall League Information

Getting Your Team Ready For Post Season



SportsEngine Tutorials


RSVP for a PGA Jr. League Webinar 


PGA Jr. League Fall Web Series 
October 6 @ 10 am PGA Jr. League– Lesson Plans made simple with PGA.Coach Click Here to Watch
October 13 @ 1 pm In-House Leagues– Why are they so successful? Click Here to Watch
October 20 @10 am Level Up Your PGA Jr. League Experience- Incorporate the online store, revenue tracking and a 17U division Click Here to Watch 
October 27 @ 1 pm PGA Family Cup- Create an experience for the entire FAMILY to see why golf is so much FUN! Click Here to Watch


Important Information

*Updated on 6/3/20

Updated 2020 Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines

Back To PGA Jr. League Overview

This document is supplemental to the Back2Golf Youth Activities Addendum and was created in alignment with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Organized junior golf programming is not permissible in Phase 1 unless authorized by state and local health authorities, so this document provides additional options for running PGA Jr. League activities in Phase 2. These guidelines underwent review from medical advisors and the CDC with the intent of resuming the program in the most responsible manner possible.


PGA Jr. League 2020: A Year of Adaptability and Flexibility

This year will be all about adaptability and flexibility as we all do our best to navigate these trying times. We wanted to provide you with an update on the current status of PGA Jr. League within the Michigan PGA Section.

Many of you have reached out to us with questions and concerns about the corona virus and the 2020 PGA Jr. League season. As of now, we will continue with the league formation process and preparations for the upcoming PGA Jr. League season. We believe that the majority of our teams will be able to start play in early June, which is the typical start date for Michigan PGA Jr. League. We will keep you informed if there are any changes to the status of the season.

Program updates

  • All PGA Jr. league Activities are on hold until June 1st.
  • The regular season and the fall season will be combined.  You can now host games in August, September, October or until the snow flies!  This provides more flexibility in scheduling your games for this season.
  • The 2020 Postseason has been canceled
  • The PGA Jr. League program will follow the guidelines created by the White House for re-opening the country.  This means that PGA Jr. League will resume in your area when your area has entered into “Phase 2” of the reopening process.  We will notify you once you are safe to start your season.  PGA Jr. League will be providing you with guidelines for how to provide a safe environment at practices and games.  We will share this resource with you as soon as it becomes available.
PGA Jr. League, Logo

FAQ’s for 2020 Captain/Team Registration

When Can My Team start practice and matches?
Right now all PGA jr. league activities are on hold until June 1st. The PGA of America has worked with the allied golf associations to publish Back2Golf Guidelines in alignment with the CDC and Opening Up America Again. The Back2Golf Guidelines include a specific, three-phased approach to golf that aligns with the broader plan to re-open the economy. We will let you know when it is safe to resume practices and matches!

Will There be a post-season for 2020?
It is with a heavy heart that we share news of cancelling the 2020 postseason. We recognize these events create fun, unique, and life-lasting memories for so many coaches and players. There are a number of reasons for this difficult decision to be made, including:

  • It prioritizes health by not hosting any events requiring air travel.
  • With counties and states having different timelines for reaching Phase II, you can now organize your local program with maximum flexibility both in terms of schedules and competition rules throughout 2020.
  • It creates clarity for you and your players going into the season.
  • It creates the opportunity to enhance the program’s scholarship initiative for families in need through reallocated resources.

What if I registered as a Captain, but cannot field a team?

By registering as a Captain at your facility, you are simply indicating that you will give your best effort to recruit a team at your facility. If you are unable to recruit a team, we will assist you with providing refunds to your players and help the other teams in the league adjust their game schedules.

What is the refund policy?

ALL players may receive a FULL refund prior to ordering the team kits. Most facilities do not order team kits until 20 business days prior to their first game, so you may request refunds for all of your players prior to ordering team kits.

What if I originally indicated in my Captain Registration that I would have 3 teams this year, but now I think I will only have 2 teams?

No problem, we ask that you communicate with us consistently about player recruitment at your facility and let us know as soon as possible if you believe your number of teams will change. We will work with you and the other Captains in your league to make the necessary schedule adjustments. Again, this will be a year of adaptability and flexibility!

Two players fist bumping
Kids fist bumping in front of a teacher