Outgoing Board MembersEAST LANSING, MI – The Michigan PGA held its Annual Fall Meeting on Monday, October 28. With approximately 200 Members in attendance, President Kevin McKinley welcomed special guests Legal Counsel John Allen, and Todd Smith, PGA Career Consultant, and all Past Presidents in attendance.

President McKinley administered the invocation and remembered deceased PGA members Keith Fox and Bryan Rye.

Chris Whitten and Kyle Wolfe from GAM addressed the membership regarding changes to the World Handicap System.

President McKinley moderated a Past President’s forum with Michael Kernicki, Dick Stewart, Dave Mocini, Jim Roschek, Dave Kendall, Doug White and Ron Osborne. Some of the topics included: challenges faced when in office, accomplishments while in office, what you see happening in the Section currently that you are proud of, advice to the professional in the audience who might want to get involved and the newly-elected officer.

During Kevin’s final president’s report, he apprised the membership on the Strategic Plan and some of the already finalized goals and objectives. Like football helmet stickers, also known as reward decals and pride stickers which denote either individual or team accomplishments, the Section has adopted the same approach. Each time an action item is completed, the individual/committee is awarded a success sticker. Chelsea Guoynes, Stephanie Jennings, Ron Osborne, Dave Mocini, Todd Smith and Diane Lazaros each placed success stickers on the helmet!

Lastly, Kevin thanked the Board and staff for their commitment and dedication during his tenure as president. Outgoing Board plaques were given to those in attendance: Stephanie Jennings, Adrian Jolliffe, Ron Osborne, Jeff Rachar, Jack Seltzer, Matt Smith and Ian Ziska.

Vice President Bob Bales then reviewed he Section’s investments and Executive Director Kevin Helm reviewed budget numbers through September 2019.

Secretary John Pershern acknowledged and welcomed new members, quarter century members and announced the 2019 Michigan PGA Hall of Fame inductees Bob Ackerman, Ron Beurmann, Bernie Friedrich, John Lindert and Al Mengert. The Hall of Fame recognizes and acknowledges those PGA Professionals who have excelled in their profession, achieved remarkable accomplishments, and made significant contributions to the game, the industry and the Michigan PGA.

Honorary President Ron Osborne oversaw a candidate’s forum with Stephanie Jennings and Dean Kolstad reiterating their desire to run for the office of Secretary. Voting then took place with Bob Bales, John Pershern and Dean Kolstad being elected President, Vice President and Secretary, respectively.

Business discussions included information from Career Services Consultant Todd Smith.

Tournament Chair Ian Ziska highlighted items from the 2019 season and congratulated the 2019 Player of the Year Scott Hebert.

Special Awards Chair Doug Bell recognized and celebrated Golf Professional of the Year Doug Kreis and PGA of America Youth Player Development Award winner Scott Wilson.

He then acknowledged the 2019 Special Awards winners:
Assistant Professional of the Year – Emily Rohdy, PGA
Bill Strausbaugh – Bernie Friedrich, PGA
Golf Professional of the Year – Doug Kreis, PGA
Merchandiser of the Year–Private – Doug Brody, PGA
Merchandiser of the Year–Public – JP Westbrook, PGA
Merchandiser of the Year–Resort – Elliott Oscar, PGA
Patriot Award – Dean Kolstad, PGA
PGA Horton Smith – Kevin McKinley, PGA
Player Development – Mike Fay, PGA
Teacher of the Year – Dave VanLoozen, PGA
Youth Player Development – Scott Wilson, PGA

The Special Awards winners, National Award winner and Michigan PGA Hall of Fame inductees were honored at a dinner Sunday evening at the Country Club of Lansing.

Many thanks to Pepsi for sponsoring the meeting.

The afternoon Education Seminar featured Tom Shay from Profits Plus Solutions presenting Three Keys to 2020: Strategy, Staff & Money.

2019 Michigan PGA Fall Meeting