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In an effort to streamline operations, we are offering the following benefits as it pertains to playing privileges in Chapter and/or Section events:

Playing Privileges Policy

It is very important that you read this policy to make sure that you are eligible! Click here to read the policy.

Chapter/Section Playing Permit

When you register for your first Chapter event, the system will recognize that you need to purchase your Associate permit in conjunction with your Chapter permit. The $50.00 Associate permit fee is included with your Chapter permit fee. Select your applicable fee and the system will then proceed to the event entry fee. Both items will be in your cart for purchase, and both permits are needed in order to play in any Section and/or Chapter event.

Pro-Am Entry/Registration Process

You enter the pro-am by registering online at 9:00 am two Wednesday’s before an event per the specific Chapter Rules & Regulations.

Purchase Section Permit Only

If you will not be playing in any Chapter events but still need to purchase your Associate permit for a Section event, there is a link we can send to you in an email. Please contact Diane at or 517.885.3264.

Amateur Gift Certificates

In order to comply with IRS regulations, all Section Members who win gift certificates in a Chapter/Section Pro Am will have the gift certificate money sent to the Professional’s club, or another club specified by the Professional.

Associate Program



NEW Member:  Visit the Workday website:

1. Select “Sign In” from the upper righthand corner of the page.

2. Click “Create Account.”

3. Enter and verify your personal and/or business information.

4. Once your registration has been completed, an email with instructions to log into Workday will be sent to you. This is how you will set up your banking and ACH information for purse direct deposit.

If you have not received an email within 48 business hours, please go back and review your application to see if it has been sent back or denied due to missing info.

Moving forward, Workday will be where you update your banking and ACH information. 

If you need assistance on how to create an account please watch the video below.

Watch Video

If you do not have a Workday username or password
 send an email to and the PGA Finance team will assist you. Provide your full name, PGA Member number if applicable, and your question in the email.

NOTE: In most cases your email and username are the same. If you know your username and forgot your password, please use the “Forgot Password” link on the Workday sign in page. If the username you entered does not match what we have in the system you will not receive a reset password email and will need to contact the above email address.