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PGA WORKS Fellowship

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The PGA WORKS Fellowship is one of the flagship programs of PGA REACH. The PGA WORKS Fellowship aspires to be the most valuable entry-level employment opportunity for individuals from diverse backgrounds to garner experience in all facets of the golf industry.

The PGA WORKS Fellowship provides the opportunity for a one-year, paid immersion in the Michigan PGA Foundation operations. This entry-level employment experience offers a taste of what a career in the golf industry can provide.

The PGA WORKS Fellowship is a program that offers access to individuals from diverse backgrounds—whether by gender, age, race or color, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, disability, religion or Veteran status—into the golf industry to gain experience in all facets of the golf industry. Currently, there are eleven fellows in eleven PGA Sections.

Michigan PGA WORKS Fellow

Our current PGA WORKS Fellow is Katie Sharp, a former Michigan State University Academic All-American golfer from Kendallville, IN. Learn more about Katie here.

Former PGA WORKS Fellows

Hannah Marcusse (2018-19)