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Operation: Hero Challenge

The PGA of America will conduct its annual National Day of HOPE Campaign aimed to benefit PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) programs across the country. PGA National Day of HOPE will run October 11 to November 30, 2023. This annual campaign celebrates our nation’s heroes who protect our freedom, while raising awareness and support for local PGA HOPE programs.

For 2023, PGA of America has agreed to match dollar-for-dollar raised in each PGA Section up to $10k! 


If you would like to donate by check, please make it out to PGA REACH Michigan
with National Day of HOPE in the memo line. Checks can be mailed to:

Michigan Section PGA
P.O. Box 4399
East Lansing, MI 48826

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the inaugural Operation: Hero Challenge in support of our 2023 National Day of HOPE Campaign.

The event will take place the morning of October 18, 2023 at Country Club of Lansing.

A PGA Professional and a PGA HOPE Graduate will team up to compete in a skills competition within a 9-hole round featuring the three fundamental skills utilized in golf: driving, chipping, and putting.


To donate:

  1. Click the link under the team you would like to support
  2. Click the “Donate Here” button
  3. Scroll down and click the blue text “Is this in honor or in memory of someone?”
  4. Fill in the type of dedication and team name
  5. When finished, scroll down and click “donate”


Team Plaisier/Lucksted


Kelly Plaisier

“PGA HOPE creates a community and a game in which other veterans can be surrounded with and know that there are others that think and feel the same way they do! It means giving back to so many who have given everything for us.”

Danny Lucksted

“PGA HOPE helped me improve my skills in a game I love. The comradery was the best part of each week.”

Team Jennings/Cook


Stephanie Jennings

“I love to support the men and women who give themselves to keep our country free. I believe golf can heal and be a connector to help our patriots live full and rewarding lives. PGA HOPE means community to me. It’s the opportunity for people who share a common bond to come together and enjoy the new path the golf will take them.”

Wendell Cook

“If it wasn’t for PGA HOPE teaching me the golf fundamentals, I wouldn’t even be into golf as much as I am today. I appreciate the program because it lit a fire that I didn’t event know was there.”

Team Vickery/Boone


Steve Vickery

“PGA HOPE means the opportunity to give back and thank the veterans who have so proudly served our country through the wonderful game of golf and its numerous benefits. By participating in Operation: Hero Challenge I hope to raise money to help make the PGA HOPE program accessible to more veterans.”

Jonathan Boone

“I learned about PGA HOPE from the Michigan Section Office. I was excited to get to participate but it was amazing how much it helped my putting. However, the comradery was the absolute best part.”

Team Bales/Adkins


Bob Bales

“PGA HOPE allows me to give a little bit back to the people who put themselves on the line for the freedoms we sometimes take for granted. I have been involved as a PGA HOPE instructor since 2012 and I get much more out of this program than I put in.”

Rob Adkins

“PGA HOPE helped me to do something other than the negative things I was doing. It also helped in my physical and mental state of mind. I loved getting to interact with the instructors and other vets.”

Team Powers/Labadie


Casey Powers

“Anything that I can do to support our Veterans is an absolute honor for me. PGA HOPE is a humble way that I can get back to help out those that truly served and sacrificed for our country.”

Stephen Labadie

“After participating in PGA HOPE, I was able to really enjoy my time golfing. I learned how to improve my drive and it has made my overall golf game better.”

Team McKinley/Gower


Kevin McKinley

“Veterans are such an important part of our nation’s history. This group makes up less that 1% of our population but their actions and willingness to put themselves in harm’s way has allowed me and my family to live under the blanket of freedom here in the United States. John 15:13 says, “Greater Love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”. Every Veteran served our country knowing that they were putting themselves in harm’s way. PGA HOPE is an opportunity in which golf professionals like myself can give back and show our appreciation in a small way to the heroes that have served our nation.”

Michael Gower

“PGA HOPE gave me a better understanding of the game, which has made it more enjoyable. I also learned how to hit with my legs on and off.”

Team Simons/Person


Tiffany Simons

“Veterans have done so much for our country. PGA HOPE is one way we can say thank you to those that served our country and bring joy to their life through golf.”

Kristina Person

“I think my favorite part of the PGA HOPE was the feeling of home. Plus, I was able to improve my golf fame. I am excited about putting the tips and skills I was given to use and playing better every time I get on the course.”

Team Simmonds/Worman


Logan Simmonds

“PGA HOPE is special because it’s a way for my to give back through the PGA and through my career as a golf professional to those who serve out country. PGA HOPE is a special way to bring golf to everyone.”

Ben Worman

“I learned how to golf with some of my disabilities and met a lot of local golf enthusiasts. The comradery with fellow Veterans who love golf as much as I do was the best part.”

Team Rey/Brown


Michael Rey

“Our Veterans have given so much so us as PGA professionals can do what we do. It is an honor to give back and help our Veterans. It is the very least we can do!”

Shane Brown

“To be honest, I didn’t go out much before PGA HOPE. After attending and actually learning how to play, I fell in love with the game. PGA HOPE opened a new door for me and I am so grateful.”

Team Wilson/Post


Scott Wilson

“I’m excited to participate in a PGA HOPE event. I wanted to learn more about what the program is and how I can best support Veterans.”

Bill Post

“PGA HOPE was very helpful in my game and I loved getting to meet new people. Not only did I get to meet PGA professionals, but they gave me great tips on my game.”

Team Kolstad/Drenth


Dean Kolstad

“My favorite program helping Veterans get involved in a game that most aren’t typically able to get involved in. It is great therapy for the students, but a great experience for the PGA professional as well.”

John Drenth

“I loved that I improved my swing. I enjoyed the excellent comradery and the friendliness of the instructors and other participants.”

Team Muir/McCain


Kevin Muir

“I’m choosing to participate in Operation: Hero Challenge to honor and support the men and women who serve in our nation’s Armed Forces. It provides an opportunity for me to acknowledge and thank them for their willingness to serve, lead and protect. Their sacrifice is too great for us not to give something back to them.”

Salliece McCain

“I have not been able to be very active physically because of my disabilities, but now I’ve found a sport that I can adapt to fit my needs. I’ve made new friends that can relate to my experiences and found a healthy way to decompress.”